What is the impact of human trafficking awareness training and criminal justice systems in prosecuting traffickers? According to 2017 U.S. TIP Report, the current situation is not optimal:

In addition to protecting victims from retribution or re-victimization, an effective criminal justice response brings traffickers to justice both to punish them for their crimes and to deter others. Yet, in many countries, governments struggle to hold perpetrators of human trafficking criminally accountable and, even when convictions are obtained, they sometimes impose suspended sentences, fines, or administrative penalties in place of prison sentences.” 

EU Human Trafficking Prosecution Awareness Training

The International Centre for Migration Policy Development is applicable to EU member states, accessions and candidate countries. Well-trained judges and prosecutors are an indispensable part of the response to anti-trafficking and have a pivotal role in countering human trafficking. The responsibilities of criminal justice systems do not lie exclusively in punishing offenders, but must include respecting and restoring the human rights and needs of victims of trafficking. When prosecution takes the rights of victims seriously, it encourages them to participate in proceedings and enhance criminal investigations.

U.S. Human Trafficking Prosecution Awareness Training

In the United States, The Human Trafficking and the State Courts Collaborative is a joint effort between some of the nation’s most respected state court support and education organizations sponsored by the State Justice Institute to address human trafficking in the state courts. They are dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the prevalence of human trafficking in the United States. However, the task at hand is enormous: “Establishing an appropriate state court role in addressing the numerous and complicated forms of modern day slavery will be one of the most difficult challenges confronting state courts in the coming decade.”

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