Photo Mary Adams

Mary Adams

Mary is the founder of Sustainable Rescue. After 25 years of working in management consulting to help companies achieve business profit through building collaborative skills, one charitable event acted as a catalyst for a career change.

For two years, she did volunteer work with a non-profit organization to understand the challenges in strategy, operational management and funding for human rights for women. During these two years, her research was based on anti-trafficking efforts taking place worldwide at every level of civil society, universities, government, and the United Nations.  The end result was a determination to transform and empower the 3P paradigm (Prevent, Prosecute, Protect) with technologies that provide human rights resilience and sustainable rescue for victims.

Photo Paul Fockens

Paul Fockens

Paul has retired after 35 years in Business Consulting and has decided to commit time and resources to the fight against THB. His perspective is to look at this criminal activity as a business: constantly update your resources and organisation to be able to fight competition and act faster and more decisive that your opponent.

In this $150 billion industry NGO’s, Financial Institutions, (International) Police forces and other crimefighters should fight together to decapitate the monster’s head: there is no more money to be made in this activity. Sustainable Rescue is the linking pin between all players who share one common goal.

Jerrol Marten

Jerrol Marten

For the past 25 years Jerrol has worked with a diverse group of vulnerable people in Dutch society as a manager in the fields of commerce, social work, probation work and combatting human trafficking. He couldn’t have done this without a passion for wanting to help and support people in need and would not be successful without the help of dedicated colleagues and chain partners.

Combating and reducing human trafficking requires not only involvement and cooperation, but also innovative and out-of-the-box thinking and perseverance.  With our Sustainable Rescue team, we want to support other organizations to make the difference in the global approach to human trafficking on operational, tactical and strategic levels.