Our Services

Our Services focus on collaborative capacity building for civil society organizations and public / private sectors. Our skills include facilitation of rapid feedback environments, vision health checks, operational tactics to achieve your strategy and collaborative solutions based on real-world documented evidence in our human trafficking Lifecycle framework data model.

Innovation Workshops

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Our Lifecycle Framework Model is an evergreen empirical research tool to help organizations see their blind spots and fill in their blank spots. This workshop provides a netural zone for organizations to explore collaborative partnerships and think outside the box to transform today’s good ideas into future best practices.

Collaborative Workshops

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The Lifecycle Framework Model provides the infrastructure foundation for workshops between relevant actor organizations to discuss how they perform within the process framework by defining roles and a common language. The outcome of the workshops is sharing strategies, goals and project plans based on collaborative work and funding (time, people, money) that provide measurable results.

Consulting & Research

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We help organizations find their place in the Lifecycle Framework Model. This mapping helps companies chart their anti-trafficking assets within the common language of the model as compared to other organizations involved in the same processes. The outcome is the ability to identify capacity building opportunities, partners and align key performance indicators.