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Post (NL) – Next Generation Monitoring Gecontroleerde gegevensuitwisseling om mensenhandel beter inzichtelijk te maken

Capelle aan den Ijssel, 25 February 2020 – Sustainable Rescue and Avanade announce the completion of the Next Generation Monitoring proof of concept demo to monitor and measure the impact of organizations on human trafficking.

Anti-trafficking organizations are delivering solutions, but they are not interlinking solutions. Data sharing represents the missing piece to link solutions and have a greater impact. Without good data, it is difficult to measure progress and impact against human trafficking. Organizations struggle to share data for three reasons: uncertainty about the legal right to share, unwillingness to share, and incompatible data. To complicate data sharing even more, organizations collect data at different times for different purposes.

At Sustainable Rescue, we believe that data sharing is the future. The concept behind Next Generation Monitoring is to collect and display relevant data from multiple parties based on controlled data sharing agreements. Controlled data sharing means relevancy, transparency, security and policy-compliant information exchange. We use a dashboard to display key performance indicators to monitor and analyse programs based on metrics from multiple data sources. Next Generation Monitoring is supported by digital technologies already in use in the business world. This ensures flexibility, scalability, and the potential to rapidly access data from emerging human trafficking technology tools.

To prove the Sustainable Rescue data sharing concept works in practice, we worked with Avanade to create a demo. The Next Generation Monitoring demo is based on the Netherlands’ barrier model to disrupt human trafficking. The demo visualizes data that each organization needs to do their daily work more efficiently. It shows three different views of data sharing based on users’ needs. The national view is designed for members of government who need to review and analyse data on a yearly basis for reporting. The operational view displays real-time data for supervisory and law enforcement to take action against perpetrators based on digital detection in signalling and trending. The municipal view supplies monthly data to mayor and city councils to raise awareness on human trafficking to maintain safe city environments.

Mary Adams, Founder of Sustainable Rescue, states “To fight human trafficking, it is important that organizations effectively share data in their daily work as part of a knowledge-sharing community. The proof of concept demonstrates the potential of technology to visualize data at multiple levels for multiple purposes. But the real value of Next Generation Monitoring will be revealed in how people can use data in more strategic ways to disrupt human trafficking.”

Pam Maynard, Avanade CEO, states “Our purpose at Avanade is to make a genuine human impact — so when the opportunity arose to support Sustainable Rescue, with both funding and technical expertise on the Microsoft platform, our Tech for Social Good team stepped in. The ability to connect safe and secure data sources is a prevalent issue for many organizations, and we know that by helping Sustainable Rescue, we can enable many more nonprofits to make a greater impact.”

View the demo: Next Generation Monitoring

About Sustainable Rescue:
Sustainable Rescue is based in the Netherlands. Founded in 2017, our vision is to build sustainable resilience against the crime of human trafficking that reduces opportunities for modern slavery, prosecutes traffickers and support victims.

About Avanade:
Avanade is the leading provider of innovative digital and cloud services, business solutions and design-led experiences on the Microsoft ecosystem, and the power behind the Accenture Microsoft Business Group. Learn more at www.avanade.com.

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