Sustainable Rescue

Being rescued from trafficking does not result in freedom. Sustainable Rescue is a term that defines human rights for trafficking survivors through sustainable and continuous improvement across the entire lifecycle of the human trafficking crime chain from awareness, prevention, prosecution to protection. Everyone has a part to play no matter what their role in life or business. No one person or company can fight the war on slavery alone. Let’s learn how to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

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Look beyond your own organization’s point of view to develop and implement long-term collaborative strategies. Let new insights enable sustainable change.

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Strengthen abilities of individuals, organizations and systems by focusing on performance outcomes and program impacts. Continuous measurement feeds improvement.

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Make smart (funding) decisions to apply shared solutions that anticipate, respond and adapt to incremental change in all aspects of human trafficking.


Sustainable Rescue announces the completion of the Next Generation Monitoring proof of concept to monitor and measure the impact of organizations on human trafficking.

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